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Free Web Virus-Security Scanner

The more time I spend online, the more I feel like leaving computers behind and doing something completely different, something that would only require me, myself, and I, without having to use any tools that change with each week. Does this sound like cowardice? ...Read More

KB971033 – Evil Or Divine

I may be away from home, but Microsoft never sleeps, and since I bumped into some new Windows 7 updates after powering up my laptop, I decided to investigate… and the results may not be encouraging for those who are used to update their ...Read More

Zemana AntiLogger – 3 Years License For Free!

In the last weeks, I constantly felt like someone’s watching me. Something may be watching me, you, or anybody else. Who’s behind it, that’s not important, but keyloggers are a really dangerous category of malware, so when I bumped into Zemana AntiLogger and the ...Read More

Get Steganos Safe Professional 2008 For Free!

Wouldn’t it be nice to get used cars for free? Even better, new ones from some older generation, also for free? Unfortunately, I don’t see that happening anytime soon, but this is exactly what happens in the software world lately – commercial products offered ...Read More

Silently Autosave Passwords In Firefox

The problem with a lot of Internet users is lack of any idea about password management, so if they get their computer replaced, they go as far as creating new Yahoo! or Gmail accounts simply because the previous credentials were saved into their browser, ...Read More

IObit Security 360 Pro Giveaway

When it comes to food giveaways, I usually avoid them, and the reason should be obvious – most products who are being offered as free samples in supermarkets are junk. Anyway, I have my own source of bio milk products, I don’t usually eat ...Read More

Best PC Security Solution?!?

I said this before, I say it again now, and I will keep saying it until everyone around me will get the idea and act accordingly the best PC security solution you will ever get is knowledge! A user who really knows what’s happening ...Read More