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How To Choose a Video Card For Your Computer

While some may simply answer “Nvidia” or “ATI” without adding anything else when asked about it, choosing the right video card for a certain hardware/software setup, user needs and budget can be quite tricky, especially when your video card- and computer-related knowledge is at ...Read More

How to Speed up Your PC, part III

  Hack 7: Disable time stamps When you browse any file or folder on your hard disk, the system records the time and the date, and this feature known as time stamping. This task makes the hard disk very slow, so disabling it is ...Read More

Google Chrome Experimental Features

I can’t say for sure, but I guess there’s no secret that virtually every Web browser out there has at least a few hidden options is not a surprise for most of you. Today, I decided to tweak my Google Chrome setup a bit ...Read More

How to get a power efficiency report

Battery life of your laptop is an important thing. Isn’t it ? 😉 If you run Windows 7 on your laptop you can use a hidden tool that will analyze your laptop’s “energy consumption” and will provide you with detailed report on how to ...Read More


From time to time, each of us has to work with the same expressions/entire phrases on a regular basis. If you’re into data entry or content writing (not limited to these fields only, of course), then I am sure you know how nasty it ...Read More Is Waiting For YOU!

If you ever had the strange idea that Google is sleeping, you’d better erase that from your mind – Google is always cooking something, no matter if it survives long enough after seeing the light of day to become a successful project or it ...Read More

Most Popular Addicting Games

If someone asks me about my addiction to a certain game, I always claim that’s not true. Well, I guess denial is one of the first stages, right? Wrong! After all, there are two things you always have to keep in mind: first, no ...Read More

Three microSD Memory Cards Benchmarked

For a long time, I kept wondering about the real life difference between class 4 and class 6 microSD memory cards. Since last week I got myself a 4 GB class 6 microSD card to use with my Android tablet, I decided to mess ...Read More

Google Chrome Downloads

According to quite a few sources – including some of my buddies – Google Chrome is world’s fastest and most efficient (when it comes to system resources used) browser. If you ask me, I think it’s a really good attempt, but still not quite ...Read More