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Game System Requirements Tool

3.9 MB of space required as a portable app, Windows and a computer – that’s all you need to solve a problem that seems like a huge wall to some users – answering the rather simple question that is “Can my computer run this/that ...Read More

NTFS to FAT32 Without Losing Data!

Today, I suddenly realized that converting from NTFS to FAT32 isn’t as easy as its opposite twin. After trying to convert as I told you some time ago (click here to see how to convert FAT/FAT32 USB drives to NTFS), I decided it’s time ...Read More

Backup Your Drivers With Double Driver

You know what’s the worst part of having to reinstall Windows on some machine? For me, the drivers part. As far as I know, for most of my friends who have friends asking for such favors, the big problem is the same. Reasons? Obviously, ...Read More

Manage Your Data With Stuff Organizer

After my last catastrophic hard drive failure (I told you about it a few times, no need to tell that story again, in fact I just don’t want to remember it!), I simply dropped my disk collection catalog – too much time required to ...Read More

Grooveshark Download Tool

Since I’ve had a lot of connectivity issues lately, today I’ll tell you a few things about a program that it’s supposed to work but, unfortunately, it doesn’t work for me. Anyway, it worked for a few of my buddies, so I have no ...Read More


“Borrowing is awkward because people forget.” Not exactly the truth, really – people DO NOT forget, they’re just a bunch of idiots who fake it. Even more, they’re twice that idiotic for borrowing money – if it’s about CDs or books, I have nothing ...Read More

NTFS to FAT32 Converter Pro 1.5 For Free

Since I really love giveaways, I think today I’ll leave all the mumbo-jumbo aside and give you exactly what we got from the software producer that was so kind to give one of its products for free and, more than just that, also offer ...Read More

Easily Access Windows Important Tools in Windows 7

When a user uses windows’ built-in tools for system maintenance the entire process becomes low costing method to keep the system up to date, at least for home users. However most tools which are provided by Windows are scattered around at different locations and ...Read More

Free Licences from AdeptPDF Studio

AdeptPDF is a software developer that offers complete solutions for converting PDF files. With their products you can remove passwords from PDF files, convert PDF to Word, Excel, HTML, Image and Text. Also you can split or merge your PDF files and to be ...Read More