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Halloween Windows 7 Themes From Microsoft

While I can’t say I am really crazy about Halloween, it’s always great to see new stuff released on this occasion, no matter if we’re talking about T-shirts, mouse pads, games, books or even Windows 7 themes. As you probably know already, I’m not ...Read More

How to Speed up Your PC, part II

Welcome back folks; let’s go straight forward to the work 😉 Hack 4: Virtual Memory Virtual memory is a part which the system takes from the hard disk to use it as a RAM to speed the system performance but unfortunately, the OS takes ...Read More

How to Speed up Your PC, part III

  Hack 7: Disable time stamps When you browse any file or folder on your hard disk, the system records the time and the date, and this feature known as time stamping. This task makes the hard disk very slow, so disabling it is ...Read More

Google Chrome Experimental Features

I can’t say for sure, but I guess there’s no secret that virtually every Web browser out there has at least a few hidden options is not a surprise for most of you. Today, I decided to tweak my Google Chrome setup a bit ...Read More

Clean Cache in Google Chrome

No matter how awesome can Google Chrome be, once you go online with it, it starts filling your computer with a lot of junk. Sure, browsing history or saved passwords are no junk, especially when you’re the only one using your computer, but a ...Read More

How To Change Windows 7 Logon Image

While I can say that this week starts pretty well right now, I don’t think I’d say that in a few hours – these next few days are expected to be really hot and I really can’t stand heat. Unfortunately, I’ll have to go ...Read More

How to Speed up Your PC, part I

Even if you have the best hardware components available, you’ll complain about your PC being slow, and you will not ever feel satisfied about your computer’s speed. By following this article’s tweaks you’ll be able to increase your computer’s speed and make sure it ...Read More

Hide Drives Easily With WinBubbles in Windows 7

Although the feature of hiding drives is available in group policies and some technically sound users can hide their drives from the Windows Registry as well. However, for a lay man or a user who is not technical, sometimes it becomes quite hectic to ...Read More

Firefox Theme of the Week – Nuri

This week, it seems we’re going back in black but, since I get tired of seeing the same dark themes over and over again, this time it’s a black Firefox theme with a few interesting twists, especially a lot of animations to make your ...Read More

Clean Windows With Xleaner!

Feelin’ ready for the Friday cleaning? Sure, most people I know usually clean their houses on Saturdays, but Friday sounds pretty good to me, too. Obviously, today we’re only going to talk about cleaning your computer’s operating system – the shape of your house ...Read More