Windows 8 Archive

SSD Defragmentation and Windows 8 Optimize Tool

A solid state drive does not need defragmentation, that’s a fact. To make the story very simple, think about memory sticks/USB thumb drives – did you ever defragment one? Bingo! Sure, some tools like Raxco’s Perfect Disk claim to be optimized for SSDs and, ...Read More

Windows Setup on USB, As Easy As It Gets!

DVDs and CDs should be dead by now, yet it amazes me when I see how many people are still using Windows CDs and DVDs to install the operating system on their computers. Speaking for myself, I left those days behind and, each time ...Read More

Windows 8 – New Features Exposed

Windows 8 may not be available for the average Jane/Joe yet, but a lot of people are already talking about the new features it’s going to have, not to mention those brave enough to take it for a spin already (click here if you ...Read More

Windows 8 Download, Freely Available!

Anxious to see Windows 8 in action on your own computer, already? To be honest, I just don’t care about it. Windows XP is still my favorite, although I have a laptop with Windows 7 installed that works like a charm. I don’t know ...Read More

Windows 8 – The Whistleblowing

Microsoft has started to release information about its latest operating system which is known as Windows 8. CEO of Microsoft Corporation Steve Ballmer showed some amazing features which will be included in Windows 8. Release dates are not yet decided but it is expected ...Read More

Windows 8 Features

Someone at Microsoft should step forward and make one thing clear: Windows 8 should have a serious nickname. While the “Windows 2000 Millennium Edition” moniker sounded much better to me than the product was (I know, I know – the product was a pretty ...Read More