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Get Older Versions of Windows Programs

As you surely know, the last version of a Windows program is always the most optimized, good looking, reliable and useful version of that program… NOT! Sure, it may be cute to believe that, but truth is often different. New versions of a program ...Read More

bookbin Is a Great Tool For Writers

If you want to write an eBook, things may seem harder than they really are, especially from the financial point of view. No, I am not talking about earnings generated by an eBook – this is mostly marketing, since I’ve seen a lot of ...Read More

Why (not) upgrade to Windows 8.1?

“The second Microsoft takes Windows 7 away and tries to force Windows 8 down our throats yet again. I will no longer be a Microsoft customer.” – this is a comment on an article published 3 days ago and most comments are far from being ...Read More

Winyl, THE Media Player You Were Looking For!

Basically, I don’t think I should start this way, but I will – ladies and gentlemen, please be aware that this isn’t actually a software review! The program we have here today may have its highs and lows that passed by me undetected so ...Read More

Windows 8 – New Features Exposed

Windows 8 may not be available for the average Jane/Joe yet, but a lot of people are already talking about the new features it’s going to have, not to mention those brave enough to take it for a spin already (click here if you ...Read More

NTFS to FAT32 Without Losing Data!

Today, I suddenly realized that converting from NTFS to FAT32 isn’t as easy as its opposite twin. After trying to convert as I told you some time ago (click here to see how to convert FAT/FAT32 USB drives to NTFS), I decided it’s time ...Read More

Windows 8 Download, Freely Available!

Anxious to see Windows 8 in action on your own computer, already? To be honest, I just don’t care about it. Windows XP is still my favorite, although I have a laptop with Windows 7 installed that works like a charm. I don’t know ...Read More

Backup Your Drivers With Double Driver

You know what’s the worst part of having to reinstall Windows on some machine? For me, the drivers part. As far as I know, for most of my friends who have friends asking for such favors, the big problem is the same. Reasons? Obviously, ...Read More