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Play Games with Yahoo! Messenger Contacts in Windows 7

Yahoo! Messenger chat application is not only used for communication or official purposes but can also be used for entertainment reasons. This means that because of built-in games provided by Yahoo! users can invite any of their friends who are added in their contact ...Read More

View Yahoo! Messenger Call History in Windows 7

Since Yahoo! Messenger chat application also allows users to initiate voice calls it sometimes might be useful for users to keep a record of every call that they have received or made. This maintenance of records is mostly useful in production environments where the ...Read More

Rename Existing Yahoo! Messenger Group in Windows 7

Since groups can be created in Yahoo! Messenger to categorize contact list and arrange the contacts in the messenger list according to their locations, behaviors, etc. there might be times when users need to rename the groups because of any reason. Renaming a group ...Read More