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Create Yahoo! Messenger Webcam Allow List in Windows 7

All newer versions of Yahoo! Messenger allow users to take complete control over the privacy while initiating video calls using webcams. The default configuration is that every incoming video chat request is to be approved by the broadcasting party so that users can view ...Read More

Choose Default Ringer in Yahoo! Messenger in Windows 7

When Yahoo! Messenger chat application is installed on a computer system it automatically configures itself to use the default speakers for ringer. In other words whenever a user receives any incoming audio or video call from any of his/her friends, the default audio output ...Read More

Change Status when Listening Yahoo! Music in Windows 7

Although Yahoo! Messenger allows users to change their online status according to their moods and current activities in which they are involved, the application also automatically updates their online status while they perform some specific actions. An example for this is that whenever users ...Read More

Select Camera in Yahoo! Messenger in Windows 7

Yahoo! Messenger chat application provides the facility using which chat users can initiate video calls. This means that if a user has webcam installed in his computer he can invite his friends on video calls so that they can see the users’ faces while ...Read More

Disable Yahoo! Messenger Online Game Status in Windows 7

Yahoo! Messenger chat application has proved to be the most used software for communications around the globe. Yahoo! Messenger provides several sophisticated features using which users can easily interact with their colleagues and friends. Since Yahoo! Messenger is a chat application it can be ...Read More