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Choose Speakers in Yahoo! Messenger in Windows 7

As far as any output device in Yahoo! Messenger is concerned, the application automatically selects the hardware that has higher priority as compared to others. In cases of laptop PCs whenever an external headphone is connected, Yahoo! Messenger automatically considers it of higher priority ...Read More

Choose Microphone in Yahoo! Messenger in Windows 7

Since Yahoo! Messenger chat application is versatile software that allows users to interact with each other through text, voice and/or video chat, it also provides complete control over the selection of devices which can be used while communicating. In other words if users have ...Read More

Stay Invisible in Yahoo! Websites in Windows 7

Since Yahoo! has been upgraded by the developers to provide best possible sophisticated features, it also allows users to chat through Yahoo! official webpage. Since Yahoo! webpage chat is directly connected with Yahoo! Messenger chat application, online modes can be configured using chat messenger ...Read More

Disable Yahoo! Messenger Audibles in Windows 7

Audibles in Yahoo! Messenger can be considered as an extended form of Emoticons and can be used to represent the feelings of chat users via some animated icons along with audio integrated in them. These audibles generally have some prewritten texts which are said ...Read More

Disable Yahoo! Messenger Idle Status in Windows 7

Yahoo! Messenger is capable of serving people and helping them in their conversations and communications so that users can key connected worldwide. Since the application is sophisticated it tells other users when the online friend is idle and since when he is that state. ...Read More

Disable Yahoo! Messenger Emoticons in Windows 7

Emoticons in any chat messenger are small icons which sometimes are animated and they are used to represent the emotions of the chat users in graphic form. They are integrated in the chat messengers so that users can express their feelings while interacting with ...Read More