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Change Yahoo! Messenger Skin in Windows 7

Apart from several other features offered by Yahoo! Messenger, the application also allows users to modify the themes so that the entire ambience of the software can be changed. This is because the developers of Yahoo! Messenger understand that users often get bored by ...Read More

Change Yahoo! Messenger Call Alert Sound in Windows 7

With regular advancements in Yahoo! Messenger chat application, alert sounds to notify users about every activity are also modified by the developers and are made even more sophisticated and soothing to hear. However these notification sounds can be customized by the users as per ...Read More

Disable Yahoo! Messenger Sound Alerts in Windows 7

By default Yahoo! Messenger notifies chat users for every activity that takes place by making sounds. These sounds are known as alert sounds which by default are enabled whenever Yahoo! Messenger is installed. However sound card driver should be installed in the computer system ...Read More

Preview Yahoo! Messenger Alert Sounds in Windows 7

Yahoo! Messenger offers several features which users can configure to customize the ambience of the chat application to best meet their requirements. Because of its versatile nature Yahoo! Messenger is completely customizable. Some technical knowledge about the application is still required though. Users can ...Read More

Disable Yahoo! Messenger IM Box Shaking in Windows 7

There might be times when any Yahoo! Messenger chat user remains quite busy and therefore he might be unable to notice the notification of any IM message or incoming voice or video call. Yahoo! Messenger developers understand this problem and therefore they integrated a ...Read More

Enable Yahoo! Messenger IM Box Flashing in Windows 7

Apart from providing the facility of video and voice calls Yahoo! Messenger also allows users to communicate with friends, relatives and colleagues through text messages which they can send or receive using IM box. When these text messages are received a notification sound is ...Read More