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Sign Out Yahoo! Messenger when Closed in Windows 7

To make Yahoo! Messenger completely user-friendly and easy to use by the users, it offers several default built in features which prevent users from accidentally getting logged off even if the press any inappropriate button. Best example can be that even if users close ...Read More

Keep Yahoo! Messenger on Top of Applications in Windows 7

Many organizations around the globe completely rely on Yahoo! Messenger as far as their communications with their branch offices in other cities or countries are concerned. This means that in those organizations Yahoo! Messenger plays an important role to run their business and fulfill ...Read More

Join Chat Room in Yahoo! Messenger in Windows 7

Yahoo! Messenger is a well-known chat messaging application which allows users to stay connected with their relatives and friends which might be located anywhere in the world. Since users can add their friends and relatives in their friends’ list they can know when other ...Read More

Share Display Picture in Yahoo! Messenger in Windows 7

Since Yahoo! Messenger is considered as one of the best chat messaging applications available around the globe, it is trusted by almost everyone. Since many official tasks also depend on Yahoo! Messenger many people may want to represent their IDs with the images of ...Read More

Set Status Message in Yahoo! Messenger in Windows 7

Unlike many other chat messengers available around the globe, Yahoo! Messenger allows users to set a status message on the interface which other users can see. Status message which is set in Yahoo! Messenger is to make other users understand what you are thinking ...Read More