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Provide Contact Details in Yahoo! Messenger in Windows 7

Although it is strongly recommended that users should never provide any personal contact details while using any chat messenger, even if it is considered as the most genuine application around the globe. However the fact still remains the same that Yahoo! Messenger is still ...Read More

Disable Search Bar in Yahoo! Messenger in Windows 7

As everyone knows that Yahoo! Messenger is a well-known chat messaging application which allows users to stay in touch with their relatives and friends who might be located at distant geographical locations around the globe. Also everyone knows that Yahoo! offers its own search ...Read More

Logon to Yahoo! Messenger in Invisible Mode in Windows 7

Although Yahoo! Messenger is developed to allow people to stay connected with their friends and relatives who might be located anywhere around the globe, the application also provides some security features which allows users to maintain their privacy if they do not want to ...Read More

Automatically Sign-in to Yahoo! Messenger in Windows 7

With regular advancements in the applications and technologies, Yahoo! Messenger has also been upgraded to provide several sophisticated features in order to make the application completely user-friendly and easy to use. Signing-in to Yahoo! Messenger automatically whenever the application is initiated is yet another ...Read More

Allow Yahoo! Messenger to Save Credentials

Yahoo! Messenger has been there on the Internet since quite a long time and is considered as one of the best chat messengers available around the globe. In order to use Yahoo! Messenger a person needs to create a user account on Yahoo server ...Read More

10 Freeware Regular Computer Users Must Have

Freeware software are free to use and is very popular among people. It allows users to review them before purchasing the full version. They come handy and are available free of cost. For regular computer users, freeware are great tools to do bunch of ...Read More