Firefox Theme of the Week – Noia 4

Oh, my!!! This week has just become much brighter than I could have ever expected! The reason? I just discovered that my favorite Firefox 3.x theme, Noia 2.0 (eXtreme), got a new version that works like a charm with Firefox 4 and, to make it all even better, we’re not simply talking about an update to the old theme, but a completely new one that uses about the same graphics, offering a lot of options and new features, such as transparent titlebar, for example. Ready or not, here we go…

Noia 4 reached version 1.2.3 on the 30th of April, works with Firefox 4.0 – 6.0a1 and has been downloaded by 57,302 Firefox 4 users already. Still in an experimental stage, Nokia 4 has a rating of 5/5 stars after 46 user reviews and looks, works and feels great. The rest of it is background noise and nothing more, trust me!

All right, all right – if you want to hear more, here’s more: first of all, you should always get the last version from this page, no matter its status with Mozilla; since version 1.2, Noia 4 integrates the Theme Options addon that allows you to mess with an impressive array of settings, as you can see in the screenshot above; this Firefox 4 theme offers support for Windows 7 / Vista Aero effects; it looks simply awesome and that’s all!!!

These being said, I think there’s no need to add anything else – just go ahead and grab Noia 4, will you? I really hope you’ll like it at least enough to keep it around for a week or two, because I’m sure of one fact – no matter how cool may be the Firefox themes I’ll bump into in the future, I’ll always get back to Noia 4… 😉

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