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Avoid Losing Your Password With Firefox

By Codrut Nistor

Posted in How-to, Software

A few days ago I found an incredible story on a Romanian blog. It wasn't IT-related only a generalist blog but the article I found was somehow related to our topics here. To make this longer story short a guy had his Yahoo! account hijacked because he used Firefox to store passwords on his own computer. Sounds incredible enough? Read on then!

Password Stolen in Firefox problem

How was that possible? In case you imagined it otherwise (I did I must admit it) then you'll be surprised to find out that Mozilla Firefox saves passwords on your computer in plain text completely unsecure without any trace of encryption! This way the only way to avoid losing your passwords is to keep your computer 100% safe. As we all know that's a bit impossible these days while solutions like "never use the browser's password autosave feature" or "use a master password" are pretty lame. Why am I saying this? The answer will come just a bit later...

... because now I have other things in mind: if you still want to use Firefox do it on your own risk but at least get a decent password management tool. There are plenty of good ones out there both free and commercial so just go ahead and grab some - be sure your passwords can be encrypted properly and everything should be just fine. Sticky Password would be a fine choice especially since you can get version 6 for free for a Like of its Facebook page instead of paying 30 bucks for it don't you think?

Now the final answer - Maxthon!!! Yup that's it - if you want to forget all the password security worries that Firefox may cause just grab Maxthon for a spin - you'll love it for sure and despite its rather weak ad blocking capabilities it has proper password encryption. That's all folks! ;)