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Cancel Online Accounts

By Codrut Nistor

Posted in How-to, Online-services

Having an account on some website is no big deal but most users browsing the World Wide Web probably can't tell how many accounts they have. By the way can YOU tell how many accounts do you have? Huh? 10? 20? 30? Lost count? How many of those do you actually use and really need?

How To Cancel Online Accounts With

Questions questions then some more questions... but why not just get rid of all these questions by removing all those accounts that you don't really need anymore? Sometimes removing an online account can get really tricky especially when you don't want to receive pointless emails from certain third parties that would still get access to your personal data.

Anyway let's cut this very long story short - JustDelete.Me is a free online service that allows people to get info on how to remove their accounts from a looong list of websites and also offers direct links to the deletion pages where such pages are available. As I just said the list of websites is extremely long including notorious ones like StumbleUpon Spotify or Amazon but also less popular sites like or Paukd. All these sites are also labeled depending on the difficulty of account removal from EASY to IMPOSSIBLE. This way paranoid people could check first to see if they're not creating an account that nobody can remove...

... and in the end I think there's another great use for this site that its creators probably never imagined - when you're bored just go to JustDelete.Me and browse through that huge list - you'll surely discover quite a few sites you've never heard of. That's all folks! ;)