Orbitum Social Browser – Remember Flock, Anyone?

Maybe some of you don’t remember Flock, but I must say it all got even better with Rockmelt. Unfortunately, Yahoo! acquired Rockmelt about two months ago and decided to kill it. Obviously, they mentioned that mumbo-jumbo about integrating its technology into future products. Now, Orbitum takes us back to where we started…

Orbitum Social Browser Flock Alternative

Orbitum Social Browser – Flock and Rockmelt are both gone, but now they have a worthy follower

… since there may not be anything that special about it, yet it’s the only social browser one can find at this time. To make it all even worse, it doesn’t even come with proper documentation, offering support for Facebook and two Russian social networks I never heard of (their names are written in Cyrillic, anyway…). On the other hand, it may be more than enough for most people who just want to keep Facebook’s chat around while browsing the Web.

For now, Orbitum browser is way behind the level of awesomeness reached by Rockmelt before Yahoo! melted it… and this is enough to make it worth a try. Seriously, try it – there’s nothing to lose. Let’s only hope that Orbitum will be allowed to grow into the social browser Rockmelt was turning into. After all, it would really be a pity to use a bunch of plugins and still be miles away from the level of integration that could be achieved by a browser that is targeted towards social networking from the start.

These being said, I’ll be waiting for your comments. What do you think – could Orbitum rise up to be even better than Rockmelt, or will it remain a local browser with an interesting twist and nothing more?