URL Uncover Can Help You Avoid Trouble

Shortened URLs may hide a lot of dangers nowadays and sometimes it’s better to know where you’re headed to before clicking that goo.gl/PiQHQ3 link, no matter if you have a fully featured security suite installed and running. Guessing is not an option, so why not use a service like URL Uncover?

Unhide short URLs with URL Uncover

Unhide short URLs with URL Uncover

This free online service offers support for over 100 top link shortening sites, including the notorious Adf.ly, Linkbucks, Goo.gl and Bit.ly. The URL Uncover Pro script can be purchased for use on your website for 9$ the Regular License, or $45 for the Extended License.

More than just revealing the link that has been shortened, URL Uncover checks and scans the website, making sure it is safe to visit or hides some kind of malware. All in all, an excellent service than anyone accessing short URLs on a frequent basis must always keep at hand. In the end, we must always keep in mind that wolves usually come to you in sheep’s clothing…;)

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