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bookbin Is a Great Tool For Writers

By Codrut Nistor

Posted in Software

If you want to write an eBook things may seem harder than they really are especially from the financial point of view. No I am not talking about earnings generated by an eBook - this is mostly marketing since I've seen a lot of crappy products that I'd be ashamed to be associated with making tens of thousands of dollars while really good eBooks spent weeks or even months without making a single sale. Well that's life... but this is not a marketing-related article it's about a great free eBook editing tool called bookbin.

bookbin free ebook editor for Windows and Mac

Available for both Windows and Mac OS X bookbin is pretty easy to use works great and has a rich set of features as you can see below.

- Document view: easily apply paragraph styles for headings and lists use bold/italic/superscript or subscript text. - Media support: bookbin allows its users to easily add images audio and video files to their eBooks. - Tables: easily add tables and edit them but without being able to merge cells. - Activities: eBook authors can add interactive elements (only quizzes for now) to their creations bookbin supporting matching multiple choice with one correct answer and multiple choice with no one or more correct answers. - Document properties: "To work correctly on reading devices and applications eBooks require some housekeeping information: title creator subject rights and ISBN."

These being said I'll leave you to mess around with bookbin - it may only support ePub format for output but it surely gets the job done. Now all you need is inspiration and a quiet little place to work on that book of yours! :)