Post Animated GIFs in Facebook

In case you were wondering how to post animated GIFs on your Facebook timeline that your friends can easily play, the answer is very simple – GIPHY. As it usually happens in such cases, it all comes with a twist – you can’t post your own GIFs, but the gallery available on this site should be enough for most people… although I must warn you there is no “Hot Chicks” category available and, to make it even worse, the “Celebrities” category has no GIFs of Ali Landry. 🙁

GIPHY Post Animated GIFs on Facebook

I won’t keep you busy for too long, because I am sure you’ll find a lot to enjoy on GIPHY, so here’s how to post some of those cool animated GIFs right on your timeline and have them playable right inside Facebook, as it already happens with YouTube videos, for example:

1. Obviously, you have to go to GIPHY and select your favorite category.
2. Browse the animated GIFs and open the one you’d like to share on your Facebook timeline (you can also share it on Twitter or post it to Tumblr).
3. Now, you can share it on Facebook using the button you see on GIPHY, or just copy the link and add your own message to the animated GIF.
4. Let your buddies know how to enjoy your animated GIFs – they just have to click the Play button on the GIF preview in your timeline and the GIF will be enlarged and played right there on your timeline. Ta-taa!

That’s all, folks – some may not enjoy animated GIFs, but a lot of people really love them, so this is how to post animated & playable animated GIFs to your Facebook timeline. If you enjoyed this, don’t forget to share. 😉