Recover Deleted Files From SSDs

If you deleted files located on a SSD, then you may be in trouble. At first sight, it should be pretty easy to recover deleted files from SSDs, but the truth seems to be different. These being said, let’s proceed in our quest for finding a good method of recovering deleted files from SSDs, but keep this in mind – start with the idea that your files are forever lost, because this is most likely the truth…

Recover deleted files from SSD drives

Collection of SSD Drives

A lot of people consider that recovering deleted files from HDDs, SSDs and memory cards is the same thing, but this is not true. To make a longer story short, let’s take a quick look at the essentials of SSD file recovery, shall we?

1. In most cases, solutions that work with HDDs and memory cards won’t work with SSDs.
2. Moving one step further, we must make one thing clear – if you remove data from a TRIM-enabled SSD, that data is gone forever. Gone. Forever. Not even NASA, NSA or the Mossad could get your stuff back, by science or by force.
3. As it usually happens, preemptive measures are always better, so always have a fresh backup of your SSD at hand. After all, it’s always better to prevent than to cure, so also add an online backup service to that as well. iDrive or SugarSync are both awesome and their free plans are quite decent.
4. Since most computers that have one or more SSDs use Windows 7 or another TRIM-capable operating system and TRIM is usually enabled by default… see number 2 above once again!

That’s all, folks – there are plenty of programs out there that claim to be able to recover deleted files from SSDs, but it is almost certain that such an attempt would end up in failure. The conclusion? Backup, backup, backup – both locally and online, combined with eyes wide open – always think twice before deleting stuff from your SSDs.