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Chrome SEO

By Codrut Nistor

Posted in Chrome-extensions, Pctips3000-series

SEO is the art of making people believe that your crappy content is what they were actually looking for if you ask me. Sure it's not always like this but unfortunately that's why the entire SEO industry exists. If you ask me all you really need is to take a look at what people are looking for think what would you like to find when looking for that and finally deliver the goods to your visitors. While most good SEO tools also come for a price there are plenty of useful extensions for Web browsers that can help you get your SEO work done and today's subject Chrome SEO is one of them.

After messing with Chrome SEO for a while I think the official description says it all here you have some of it: this Google Chrome extension "provides easy access to Search Engine Optimization Tools that can help you with Competitive Analysis Keyword Research Backlink Checks PageRank Checks and other daily SEO tasks." The numbers look like this - current version is 0.9.2 released on the 6th of May was downloaded by 129195 users so far and its rating is 4.2/5 stars after 377 ratings. Not bad at all if you ask me especially if we add that "free" keyword to the equation... ;)

As I write this Chrome SEO is only available in English works pretty good and a bunch of improvements are expected to drop by in the near future. After all its version number isn't 1.0 yet but if you ask me I've seen a lot of programs/extensions with pretty high version numbers that didn't get even close to this one's usefulness and reliability so... go ahead and take Chrome SEO for a spin as it is I can (almost) guarantee that you won't be disappointed!