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Disable Keys The Smart Way

By Codrut Nistor

Posted in Software, Windows-vista, Windows-xp

Sometimes a program coming from some guy writing little tools can be more valuable than a shiny piece of code from a notorious company and as long as this guy isn't adding some evil code to its creations (spyware and stuff like that obviously) his programs deserve to become well known to the world. Today the guy is Günay Say aka Dead'Soul the programmer behind and its creation we're going to talk about is a program that can make some people's lives a whole lot easier...

Disable Keys NumLocker

... because I am sure you found yourselves with Caps Lock Scroll Lock or Num Lock on or off at least once when they should have been in a completely different state. For example think about having some business talk via YM and after taking a short break to work on some Excel sheet you get back to your discussion and type an entire phrase using capital letters. That surely doesn't look like a trustworthy partner someone who's yelling online right?

Anyway I am sure we can find a lot of examples about those times when your lockable keys were exactly in the wrong status and I think this would also be a great subject for you to talk about so please go ahead and tell us about funny (or not so funny) happenings involving Caps Lock Scroll Lock or Num Lock will you?

OK back to disabling keys now... NumLocker is the name of the program and the current version is 1.0. I don't think any update is needed because this little freebie offers exactly what you need - a quick way to disable/enable those three keys I mentioned earlier and make them remain set the way you want!

After you install the program you'll have to load it and right click its systray icon. Once you do that everything should be pretty straightforward - for each key you can choose one of the following options: On Off Always On and Always Off. Other than that you can also choose to load NumLocker with Windows so you won't have to bother about setting the program ever again!

Apart from being free to download and use there's also worth mentioning the fact that NumLocker works with both XP and Vista and installing/removing it is as easy as 1-2-3. That's it folks I really hope you'll enjoy today's tip and find this proggie to be a worthy addition to your software arsenal... ;)