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Eliminate Repetitive Typing with PhraseExpress AutoText

By Codrut Nistor

Posted in Software

PhraseExpress AutoText is a free automation software that helps you to autocomplete phrases sentences or other text automatically with macros. This freeware do this by detecting the specific keystrokes or the hot keys you set manually. If you are a writer and want to avoid repetitive typing when typing on your PC or laptop this free automation software is what you are looking for.

This freeware comes with smart text prediction feature for autocompleting sentences phrases or other texts. You will be able to assign some specific things like your signature address or the common phrase used by you to let this freeware complete them whenever you are typing them somewhere. It comes with smart algorithm analyzer that analyzes your writing patterns and suggest you relevant ways to complete sentences and phrases.

This free automation software is very simple and easy to use. You can assign various abbreviations and PhraseExpress will replace them with the original text whenever you right them. For example if you type “ty” somewhere it can expand it to thank you very much. If you have existing entries in MS Office AutoCorrect you will be able to import them with this free automation tool. You will find this tool familiar if you have used any autocomplete tool before.

Features of PhraseExpress AutoText:

  • Autocomplete sentences phrases and other texts automatically
  • Assign abbreviations for frequently used phrases and words
  • Import autocorrect entries from MS Office
  • Supports ShortHand glossary files and InstantText

PhraseExpress AutoText is available for download at PhraseExpress's official website. It's only 4.05MB in size and supports Windows 7 Vista XP Server 2008 and 2003. Try PhraseExpress AutoText Free