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FAssistant: Free Personal Finance Software

By Codrut Nistor

Posted in Software

FAssistant is a free personal finance software that can analyze store and track your personal and finance information. You can keep track of your income expenses bank account loan/policy and stock account easily. If you are looking for a finance assistant type software that can help you to analyze your finance and create reports based on those information FAssistant is the best option for you.

You can track individual multiple information or financial account with this free finance manager. You can keep track of your expense and income on monthly or yearly basis with this free personal finance assistant application. You can manage all these data as individual user account or as group user account. There is also option for tracking your bank accounts loan or policy accounts and stock account. You can organize and manage all your information in information account. There is also option for saving and retrieving your passwords reminder account for tracking your appointments reminders and meetings and personal address book for storing and retrieving contact numbers.

This free personal information manager is very easy to use and comes with intuitive simple user interface. When adding your income or expense there are three currency options available: U.K. pounds U.S. dollars and Indian rupees. But you can customize it in the way you want. You can also create loan/policy accounts stock and bank accounts in this way.

Features of FAssistant:

  • Create income and expense accounts
  • Create individual or group user account
  • Manage bank account loan/policy account information account and stock account
  • Manage your passwords with Password Manager

FAssistant is available for download at FAssistant's official website. It's only 7.04MB in size and supports almost all versions of Windows starting from Windows 98. Try FAssistant Free