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Folder Menu - Easy Life For Windows Explorer Users

By Codrut Nistor

Posted in Software

No matter how many times I think about it I still can't understand why are so many people still using Windows Explorer. I know I said this before and I will say it again in the future too but the good part about this is that I find some excellent tools for Windows Explorer users from time to time and I have to share that knowledge with everyone. After all I know it's very hard to change a user's habits but at least we can try to make his life better don't you think?

Folder Menu

One of the most time-consuming tasks for Windows Explorer users is to move from a folder to another if we put aside mass renaming and other similar tasks that could be easily employed as torture methods especially to those used to have a classic file manager like Total Commander for such tasks. I can't exactly tell maybe it's something else that can take up even more time but from my very limited Windows Explorer experience I can tell the statement above is true. Now what if we could speed things up a little?

Folder Menu is the app that will bring a ray of sunshine in the dark lives of those using Windows Explorer and having a hard time because of that. This free application allows you to quickly access your favorite applications folders and even registry areas with the help of a popup menu. If that's not cool enough for you then you should move on and get a fully-featured file manager...

... but since we're not talking about file management here let's see how does this work! Once you download and run the program (hooray no classic install needed!) it jumps in your system tray also generating a configuration file with its default settings loaded.

Folder Menu

Next you should bring up the main program window and start messing around with it. You can set keyboard shortcuts to make it all even easier and Folder Menu can also be used to launch Web sites but this isn't everything. Unfortunately we'll split out paths here and there's only one reason to do that: I don't want to spoil the fun you can have by discovering Folder Menu by yourselves and may all the above be just the beginning of a longer story...

... a story which I dare you to continue below by placing your comments about the experience had with Folder Menu! ;)