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Free Online Video Editing, Anyone?

By Codrut Nistor

Posted in Online-services

One of these days somebody may come up with a Web-based microwave oven or even your backyard grill may become a Web-based thingie! No I am not talking about online orders I am thinking about uploading the raw meat and getting it back grilled with just a few clicks and if this seems a crazy idea now look at JayCut and think how crazy would have been the idea behind it in the early 1990s!

To cut a longer story short let me say that JayCut allows you to remix and trim videos as well as images add captions subtitles music transitions and various effects not to mention outstanding features like its 1-click YouTube export capability or the ability to save your work ready to go on the iPhone Windows or Mac (H.264 XVID).

After the latest update JayCut got webcam and voice-over support slow motion effects and a bunch of other goodies. While uploading large files could take a while I must say it all works great on my side (partially thanks to my ISP I guess) and in case you were wondering about the benefits of a free account here they are: 2GB of storage and export/save capability for up to 20 videos per month.

That's all folks I leave the rest of it for you to discover - it's a lot of fun especially since you can start messing with this free online video editing tool right away by using the videos already available on the server. Now you have no excuse left - get to it!!!