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Game Booster 2 Premium For Free!

By Codrut Nistor

Posted in Software

A week that starts with a giveaway can't be anything but great if you ask me especially since we're talking about a rather useful program - a "game booster" tool that actually does something namely IObit's Game Booster 2 Premium!

How did I get to this story? I will be honest and confess that it's not our exclusive giveaway - I got an email about this from IObit and I couldn't just walk away from it so here we are checking a bit of that official press release: "The Game Booster 2 Premium (original priced $19.95) giveaway will last for an entire week from Feb. 21 to Feb 27. Users who want to get the free license code just need to follow the steps of the Giveaway page. In one word simply “share the news (Game Booster Giveaway) on their Facebook wall”. IObit wants to take this giveaway as a “celebration of the release of Game Booster 2” and to “show their gratitude towards their users’ long-term support and their help (feedbacks) to make Game Booster better”." Speaking for myself I must tell you that I usually avoid such programs just because there's room for a lot of wimps and posers as it happens with registry cleaners and media conversion tools for example. This time I think I will take Game Booster 2 Premium for a spin. After all its current version is 2.2 and we can all get version 2.0 now priced at $9.99/year for free - if this doesn't sound like a good deal then you should go check your local grocery or something - I know for sure I'll stick to computers so I'm off to a Game Booster 2 Premium-optimized gaming session now! ;)