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How to Apply Quota on Drives to Restrict Disk Space Usage for Users in Windows 7 Computer?

By Codrut Nistor

Posted in How-to, Windows-7

In Windows 7 Disk Quota is the feature using which you can restrict other users to use more than specified amount of space on a particular drive. This means that if you have drive D: on your computer with the maximum available space of 250 GB you can restrict other users to use the full space and can limit their usage up to 50 GB or 100 GB. The process for this is quite simple and the steps are as below:

  • Click on "Start" button and select "Computer".
  • From the opened Window select the drive on which you want to specify quota limit.
  • Right click on the drive and click on "Properties".
  • From the "Properties" dialogue box of that drive go to "Quota" tab.
  • To enable quota feature click on "Show Quota Settings" button.
  • From "Quota Settings" dialogue box check the check box which says "Enable Quota Management".
  • Select the other check box which says "Deny Disk Space to Users Exceeding Quota Limit".
  • To enable default quota limit for every user on the computer select the radio button which says "Limit Disk Space To:" and specify the maximum space you want to assign for all the users on that particular drive. You can also specify warning level which will start prompting the user if exceeds the specified warning limit.

  • Click on "Apply" button and click "Ok" button in the confirmation box that appears next.

  • Ensure that the "Status" changes to "Disk Quotas Are Enabled".

  • Alternatively you can click on "Quota Entry" button and from the next window click on "Quota" and from the drop down list select "New Quota Entry" in order to select a specific user and assign separate quota limit for him.