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How to Create a New Facebook Account

By Codrut Nistor

Posted in How-to, Network-internet

In computer era nowadays everybody relies on social networking sites to find and make new friends. Gone are the days when people used to wander around on the streets with their friends for refreshments. Since nowadays everything is through computers people find it quite comfortable to talk to their friends using some popular social networking sites. Best social networking site which is very popular nowadays is Facebook. In order to use Facebook you need to create an account that needs to be associated with any e-mail account created in any public or private domain. When it comes to create an account in Facebook there are several people who get confused or many times they do not know the right procedure to create and activate an account. As a new user to Facebook if you want to create an account your first step involves creating an e-mail account using any of the available domains for example Gmail Yahoo! Mail etc. Once you have created an e-mail account you can follow the steps given below to get a Facebook account as well:

  1. Log onto any computer that has Internet connection.

  2. Open any web browser and in the address bar type

  3. On the opened page populate the available fields with the appropriate information under Sign Up section and make sure that you provide a valid e-mail address in E-Mail fields.

  4. Once you are done click on Sign Up button to get a new Facebookaccount.

  5. On the next page type in the displayed text in the available field and hit Sign Up button again to get through Security Check and make your account functioning.