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Make Your Computer Start-up Like a Rocket

By Codrut Nistor

Posted in Online-services, Software, Windows-7, Windows-vista, Windows-xp

Waiting for your computer to start up is a boring thing if  it takes long time but what makes your computer start-up so slow? There are many causes that make your computer start-up so slow. Problems with your computer hardware can make your computer really slow but the common issue is an OS  problem. At start-up many programs load and this makes your computer really slow. There is a manual way to choose which programs are necessary to load at start-up and which not but if you aren't an experienced user you wont be able to decide what to disable or enable.

My expert advice is to get this little utility called "Soluto". Once installed it asks you to restart your computer to test your machine and analyze the time your OS takes to start-up. It also shows you the programs that load at start-up and offers suggestions on how to deal with this. The process has three options:

  1. Pause. This will disable the program from loading at start up so you will cut the seconds or even minutes for program loading. and as you can see in the picture there is a diagram telling you what other users decided to do with this program. In this example 43% paused MSN messenger so they saved 4 seconds of their valuable time.

  2. Delay. This option will delay the program so that it will load after your computer starts-up and this is a good option if you use this program often. 39% chose to load MSN messenger after the computer starts-up. This will save the seconds that the program takes to load and you can say the delay is similar to the pause when it comes to saving start-up time. Still you'll feel the difference when the program will load after your computer starts-up.

  3. In boot. This means that the program will load in the start-up.

    Only 18% let MSN messenger chose to load it at start-up but my expert advice is to not load MSN messenger at start-up. You can launch it when you need it and if you are a chatter you can delay it. The programs you need to load at start-up are: Anti-viruses Firewalls and themes.

And for better understanding check out this video: "How Soluto works".