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Opera 11.10 First Impressions

By Codrut Nistor

Posted in Software

This morning I realized that my Opera browser got updated and I am using version 11.10 already. Considering the fact that a lot of people were expecting big things from this release I decided to take it for a few quick tests next to some of the other browsers I have installed on my desktop computer at this time. More than just that we'll also take a quick look at the major changes brought by Opera 11.10. Ready or not let's get things rollin'!!! ;)

Opera 11.10 comes with just a few major changes and since I (usually) hate to kee others waiting let's check them right now: Speed Dial 2.0 (a few improvements compared to the previous version but still behind some plugins for Firefox or Chrome that do the same thing if you ask me) enhanced Opera Turbo (my Internet connection rocks so no need to use it - maybe those of you who use Opera Turbo can drop a comment and let us know if this improved version really gets the job done better) Simple Plug-in installation (nothing out of ordinary only that from now on Adobe Flash Player will install "seamlessly and automatically") and at last support for CSS3 linear gradients and multiple columns.

Moving to the performance part I am really sad to say that I didn't notice any significant improvement in benchmarks so I won't give you any benchmark results today. If you want to see what's the fastest browser of 2011 so far feel free to check this older article. Speaking based on my own few hours of Opera 11.10 experience I can only say that the browser feels a bit snappier than before but... I guess that's all I can tell you about it today!

As usual I won't be angry if you feel the need to drop a comment below so don't be shy and tell us what do you think of Opera 11.10 will you? Thanks in advance! ;)