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PC in a PC with VMware Player 3.1.4

By Codrut Nistor

Posted in Software, Virtualization-2

Today is virtual era and most companies use virtualization technology to reduce hardware costs and VMware is the brand that is considered as the king when it comes to virtualization. Because of the flexibility it provides and the facilities and features it offers are quite promising organizations’ first preference is VMware. VMware comes in different flavors and products namely VMware workstation VMware server VMware fusion VMware ESX etc. Another product by VMware is a free tool named VMware player and its new release is VMware player 3.1.4. With earlier versions of VMware player users were not able to create virtual machines and were only able to run the virtual machines which were already created using any other VMware product. However with its latest release users can now create their own virtual machines and can run them for non-commercial uses. Since the virtualization products are to reduce the hardware costs even home users can use VMware player for domestic purposes. Below are the pros and cons of the product which will help you in your selection.


  • It is free software and can be legally downloaded from the official website.
  • It is a standalone tool and is easy to operate.
  • Can also be used for home uses and can be operated even by a layman.
  • Easily available.


  • Cannot be used for commercial purposes without written permission from VMware.
  • Not at all feasible and recommended for production environments because of lack of some important features which are used in industries.
  • All virtual machines created in VMware player are required to be managed individually and there is no such tool in the product to manage the entire virtual scenario centrally.

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