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Portable Apps Heaven,!

By Codrut Nistor

Posted in Software

Having a flash drive around can prove extremely handy especially if you have to move here and there and moving a laptop/notebook around is not an option. Why do I say that? Obviously it's all about the increasing number of portable apps that can be easily carried around on a stick making everything easier and more secure. On the other hand hunting for entire portable apps suites or individual applications can be quite a pain so when I found I knew from the first moment this is one I have to tell you about! may not have a design to make you fall off your chair but it surely gets the job done providing a lot of portable applications dividied in quite a few categories and best of all it doesn't stop at regular software applications that can work on a USB stick since this site also has a Portable Linux link that leads to a different domain - not to mention awesome apps like Portable Macintosh on a USB stick and many others. For each of the programs available on Pendriveapps there's also a mini-review and sometimes a few useful tips regarding its setup and use. Obviously we're talking about free applications here so there shouldn't be anything still stopping you from heading to Pendriveapps and stuffing your USB drive with all the apps you need to have with you no matter where you are. Oh yeah I guess you may need a new USB drive but I can't help you with that - there are plenty of them on the market at this time and the prices are great so go ahead and grab what seems to be the best choice for your needs! Sure I would also check some reviews before doing that since read/write speeds are more important than the color... but who am I to tell you what to do after all? Good luck and stay safe all right? Until next time it's bye-bye! ;)