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Rapidshare Alternative Of the Week - FileJumbo

By Codrut Nistor

Posted in Online-services

I know I said it a few times too many already but I really have to tell you once again that Google sucks big time! For example a few hours earlier I was looking for a RapidShare alternative to tell you about and as it usually happens I found a lot of junk and today's subject FileJumbo only revealed itself on the 11th page after a bunch of results that had nothing to do with file uploading/sharing services! Fortunately we're here so... let's get to it shall we? ;)

Before anything else I have to tell you that I really love FileJumbo despite the epic logo fail (yupp that orange thing is supposed to be an elephant) and its issues with various browsers - for example I wasn't able to upload any files using Opera and it seems this Web-based service doesn't like Maxthon 3 too much either! Anyway there are a few things to keep in mind before skipping FileJumbo - the layout of the site is really simple and you won't get suffocated by advertising both upload and download are pretty fast even to users who didn't even create a free account premium features offer a good "bang for the buck" ratio... so you really have to give FileJumbo a chance trust me on that!

Since there's no point in talking about RapidShare alternatives without showing you some numbers I think it's enough to say that FileJumbo's free users can upload files as large as 1000 MB and get 10 GB of storage while their files are kept on the server for three months after the last download. Premium membership provides no less than 1000 GB storage space a maximum file size of 2000 MB (in both cases batch uploads are supported) no ads when downloading and a few extra goodies. To clearly see what you get for free or for a moderate fee (365 days premium can be bought for $45 less than most competitors charge sometimes even without providing more features) just check this page.

The conclusion is that FileJumbo is one hell of a RapidShare alternative so if you can overlook its (not really) minor drawbacks this week's file uploading/sharing service is clearly a winner. That's all folks! ;)