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By Codrut Nistor

Posted in Opera-extensions, Pctips3000-series

Today it seems I'm completely out of luck - no matter what I try to use even a screwdriver or a hammer it doesn't work as it should. Even worse after almost going crazy with a really cool Opera extension that works for virtually everyone I decided to step on my principles and tell you about it despite the fact I usually avoid to talk about things I don't get to taste. Well... ScribeFire tastes bitter to me but it's surely sweet for a lot of people so here it is!

What was I just saying? Scratch that I finally managed to connect ScribeFire with my Tumblr account! Since there's nothing that special about this easy to use blog editor let's take a look at those numbers first: version 1.7 arrived on the 31st of May having a size of 376 KB and a rating of 4.5/5 stars after 22 user reviews and 14827 downloads.

Moving to the features I think it's enough to say that ScribeFire allows Opera users (you can also use it on Firefox Chrome and Safari the official home of the entire family is located right here) to post directly from their browser to Wordpress Blogger TypePad Windows Live Spaces Tumblr Posterous Xanga LiveJournal or any other blog that supports the MetaWeblog or MovableType APIs. More than that it comes with support for Zemanta a really cool content suggestion engine. Well... I guess that says it all - ScribeFire is surely not the best blogging tool I've ever seen but that doesn't mean it's not a pretty cool piece of code worth checking out - after all that's why I wrote about it today right? Happy blogging with it people! ;)