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By Codrut Nistor

Posted in Firefox-addons, Pctips3000-series

Today I'll break one of my own rules and I will write about a Firefox addon I didn't manage to try yet. This has nothing to do with me being paid by them to do this or something like that it's only the fact that I find it really useful yet I can't try it because it only works with Firefox 4. What could be that useful? TeaTimer because I just can't recall how many times I forgot water boiling lately when the plan was to make a damn tea so here we are...

... facing TeaTimer 1.2 a Firefox 4 addon that's freely available on here. As you can see there a contribution of $1.00 is suggested to keep this project alive. Updated on the 21st of January TeaTimer looks pretty alive to me offering more than just a simple alarm. Any guess? Well check the screen below and one of them should become quite obvious: Twitter support!

Unfortunately that feature was available until now being removed in version 1.2. This is no joke it's a sad truth and nothing more. Well at least now you can add your own alert sounds. If only Philipp Söhnlein would make this Firefox addon usable on version 3.6 of the browser... that would be way too awesome if I can put it this way. After all I found TeaTimer I love it but still doesn't solve my tea problem - not even this would push me to Firefox 4 at this time especially since I think they are taking the browser in a completely wrong direction and I won't ever move to 4 if they don't get things right before the final public release. That's all for today; take care of your tea will you? ;)