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Winyl, THE Media Player You Were Looking For!

By Codrut Nistor

Posted in Software

Basically I don't think I should start this way but I will - ladies and gentlemen please be aware that this isn't actually a software review! The program we have here today may have its highs and lows that passed by me undetected so far but one thing's certain: we're talking about a media player surely worth checking out so... let's get busy with Winyl shall we? ;)

Fully compatible with Windows XP Vista and 7 Winyl is a completely free piece of code that's small and pretty easy to use yet powerful and offering a rich set of features. For example it comes with 6 built-in skins can handle APE/FLAC files as well as a bunch of other very popular formats also offering a bunch of built-in online radio stations ready to go but it only requires 6.4 MB of disk space to get comfortable - is this awesome or what?

When it comes to media management Winyl is incredibly fast and if the amount of data it can handle seems like a possible issue for you hear this - "Manage 100000+ files in your music collection without sacrificing performance." I don't have that many music files around but it surely got its way around much faster than foobar2000 and to me this is more than enough.

Only one minor issue and I'll close this article - it took me over 10 minutes to find that damn volume control while using the default skin! Were you able to do it faster? In that case my hat goes off to all those who managed that! ;)

P.S. What about this program using 2 MB of RAM and about 20 MB of swap space? Priceless!!!