YouNeed – Content indicator

I don’t know about you, but I think that the entire Internet, just as the world itself, is going down the drain. Sure, we may have HD content, plenty of excellent sources of information that weren’t here a decade ago but, on the other hand, we have more spam and low quality content than ever, countless fishing attempts and so on. The worst part of it all is that, in some cases, the Web search services providers tolerate such stuff – no, it’s not only about Google, it’s a widespread disease. Sure, it may not be done on purpose, since spammers are always one step ahead, but this still calls for action. Obviously, you can go ahead and report spam, but why not take a straightforward approach and choose if a certain website is good or evil?

Some may say there’s also gray involved here but, in the end, I think the Web is only black or white – spam or not, low quality or decent quality/above. YouNeed – Content indicator is a tiny (44.8 KB) Opera extension that, if used by enough people, can help us decide instantly if a website is worth our time or not. Pretty basic and really useful, right?

Updated to version 1.1 on the 30th of September, this Opera extension has been downloaded only 357 times so far but, after 6 user ratings, has a rating of 4.5/5 stars already. How to use it? Nothing easier, just open a website, click the extension icon, then choose Y or N – green or red, yes or no, 0 or 1, evil or divine – that’s all!

P.S. Obviously, it’s a great idea to start by rating PCTips3000, don’t you think? Today, green is surely my favorite color! 😉