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By Codrut Nistor

Posted in Pctips3000-series, Safari-extensions

Using Safari and feelin' tired of all those ads? No need to worry there's one hell of a blocker available for Apple's browser too - AdBlock is his name and even better than just being available for Safari this piece of code is also available for Google Chrome users (you can find that one right here). Awesome! Anyway today we're supposed to talk only about the Safari extension mentioned above so... let's get to it shall we?

AdBlock for Safari is a browser extension that allows you to prevent ads from showing up helping its users to enjoy a Web experience without useless distractions. On the other hand it's pretty flexible so if you really want to block only some of the ads it can easily be done. Even more it contains localized filter lists - Bulgarian Dutch Finnish French Romanian German Polish even Russian or Vietnamese! If you need Chinese or Japanese filters there's no need to worry - those mentioned above are only a few of those available! ;)

Current version of AdBlock for Safari is 2.4.16 and since it's one man's full time project donations are welcome and recommended to all those who use this piece of code and find it useful. Depending on the amount donated you may receive the author's thanks in various ways for example an email account (at least $300) or a haiku ($30 and up). After messing with this Safari extension for a few hours all I can tell you is that what we have here is not one good addon for your browser but a must - take it for a spin and enjoy the Internet as it should be - free of any distractions. That's all folks! ;)