Angry Birds Rio for Windows, Free Download

Damn, it seems this is another week that starts as it shouldn’t – I find a great piece of news to share with you, I get to taste it for myself before that, but… yeah, you got it – things don’t seem to work as they should. Well, Angry Birds Rio is a great game and, since you should be able to freely download it for your Windows computer without too much hassle… why not talk about it anyway? After all, I got used to the strange behavior of my old Windows XP computer, so I am almost sure that my problems won’t be your problems. 😉

Before moving to the real thing, let me quickly share with you my problem: once I downloaded the app, the installer opened up an empty window and stopped! Strange enough, but I couldn’t care less – you want to freely download Angry Birds Rio for Windows, here’s what should be done:

0. Go to Intel AppUpSM Center’s website, right here
1. Get an account – be sure to do this before the 29th of this month!
2. Download the Intel AppUp application for Windows and – obviously – install it
3. Check the ‘My Apps’ tab for the completely free Angry Birds game
4. Install the game & waste your time with it!

I guess that’s all, folks – all I can say now is that I really hope you won’t run into the problem I bumped into. Have fun with Angry Birds Rio, I know I surely did already – only that it happened on my Android tablet, not on my desktop computer… 😉

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  1. October 9, 2011