Anything new in Firefox 23? Not really, no.

Firefox 23 is here. 23.00, of course. Hip hip hooray!!! Wait, there’s nothing to hooray about, after all. Firefox 23 for desktops arrived six weeks after the previous release and it’s supposed to bring some new things, but are they really worth it? Why not jump into the Chrome/Opera/Maxthon wagon? Well, let’s take a quick look and see…

What's new in Firefox 23?

Firefox 23 – New features, yet nothing really new…

Tweaked Logo – no more gloss on the globe, less fur detail for the fox, but enhanced tail colors have been added. Seriously??? I bet an entire team of designers worked on this for a few months…

Network Monitor, Scratchpad and the other tools for developers. Would have been great if added a few years ago. There are plenty of similar Web-based services, so… why waste time and resources on such a thing? Why, Firefox, why??? ( I must admit that the 3D design mode is really cool, but still it’s an addition that shouldn’t have been added in the Firefox version for the masses; maybe a premium version for developers would be a cool idea.)

Mixed Content Blocking – Whatever…

More functional UI for about: memory – Still way behind Chrome. Why bother to deliver it now if it’s still way behind its competition?

New Social Sharing API – Why not just integrate the social sharing stuff into the browser and move on? Well, I guess Firefox needs to remain the first browser on Earth… at least when it comes to the amount of addons. 🙂

Today’s rant is over. In the end, I must conclude there’s nothing really new/useful in Firefox 23, so only one question remains: where to next?

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