Avoid Censorship With PirateBrowser

These days, in most countries all over the world, freedom is just a word, a beautiful cartoon mask that hides a hideous reality. While dictatorships simply put the fist in your mouth, most of today’s so-called “democratic” governments just ignore you. Rights? Sure, you got rights – yell for as long as you wish, if those who should help you got their share, they won’t hear you…

PirateBrowser censorship proof Firefox 23 by The PirateBay

… but this is where your weapons arrive to the scene. Sometimes, violence is not a solution. Sometimes, you just need to be smarter. If you happen to live in Iran, North Korea, United Kingdom, The Netherlands, Belgium, Finland, Denmark, Italy or Ireland and the government decided that you should not use some websites (well, for Iran and North Korea, that would be “all websites from the outside world”), then you don’t need to worry – just grab the simply awesome PirateBrowser and go online!

Current version of PirateBrowser is 0.6b and is based on Firefox 23. More than just Firefox 23 portable, PirateBrowser comes with the Vidalia Tor client, the FoxyProxy addon and some custom configs tweaked to allow you escape all censorship, including that imposed by the sites you’re visiting (RetailMeNot, you can rot in hell, bastards, you can’t ban me anymore now just because I happen to live in a certain country!), not only ISP filtering.

In case you bump into any problems (still can’t access some website), here’s what you should do: in the Extensions screen, open up FirefoxProxy’s Options and right click the TOR option in the Proxies tab. Once you do that, simply click Use selected proxy for all URLs and surf the way you’re supposed to – like a free man, even if you’re in Iran or NK.

Finally, here’s a song that fits today’s topic too well to be left aside – Iron Maiden’s Running Free. That’s all, folks!