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AppTabs Plus

By Codrut Nistor

Posted in Firefox-addons, Pctips3000-series

When it comes to new Firefox 4 features that other browsers had for a while the ability to pin tabs is the first one I can think of - don't ask why I think I mentioned that a while back in the Firefox 4 review I published here. Unfortunately they didn't take something already available and made it perfect so this is exactly why AppTabs Plus steps in...

... to bring order into a world of chaos to bend time and space to boldly go where no Firefox addon has ever gone before! Well... ehem... I think that was a bit over the top so let's say the truth about AppTab Plus: current version is 1.5 released on the 1st of June this Firefox addon only works with Firefox 4.0.* and all it does is to add spacing between pinned tabs and non-pinned ones as well as a separator between these in the Tab Groups screen and finally it also allows you to avoid going through pinned Tabs when switching between active tabs - after all that's exactly why you pin tabs to avoid them as long as nothing new happens right?

The settings at your disposal include the amount of space that is going to be inserted between pinned and non-pinned tabs as well as switches for all three features: spacing separator and at last exclusion from Tab switching or not. These being said I think it's only one thing left to say: AppTabs Plus is one of those Firefox addons that you install mess with its options forget about it and simply enjoy the benefits. Since it has less than 80 KB in size... why stay away from it? Take it for a spin you'll love it - and that's all for today folks! ;)