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Automate YouTube Downloading with E.M. YouTube Video Download Tool 3.15

By Codrut Nistor

Posted in Software

E.M. YouTube Video Download Tool is a shareware application which enables users to download all video files from YouTube. The software is also capable of converting the downloaded .FLV files to any desirable format. The entire processing of the application after the installation is done is almost automated. In other words the software sniffs the opened YouTube website and as soon as it finds any streaming media it automatically starts downloading the file. Once the downloading is done the downloading tool automatically converts the file to the specified video format. The software is also capable of converting video files to .MP3 MP4 etc. audio formats.


  • Automatic sniffer which is integrated in the application has potential to capture the media files not only from YouTube but any other site as well.
  • The software is capable of converting media files from almost any format to almost any format.
  • Users can manually configure the format to which the downloaded file will be converted once the downloading is successfully completed.
  • The downloader can also be used to convert offline files that is even if the file is not downloaded from YouTube it can still be converted to any desired format.


  • E.M. YouTube Video Download Tool requires administrative privileges to configure and map itself with the active LAN card connected to the physical machine.

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