Be a DJ with PartyCloud!

If you just got your first MIDI controller and you need some DJ software to play with, you’d better think again – there’s a free online service to help you do that as well. More than just another free online service, PartyCloud is a great online service, as you can see by yourselves after just a few clicks.

PartyCloud Virtual DJ free online service

PartyCloud Virtual DJ deck

To cut a longer story very short, we must say that Partycloud is a Web-based DJ interface for iWebDJ with a familiar layout that uses the incredibly large music library freely available on Soundcloud. The list of features offered by this free online service also includes the following:

  • Layout with 2 decks and 2 channels featuring EQ
  • Sample player
  • Mouse scratch capabilities
  • Individual volume control and fader for each deck
  • Recording function – this one actually records the virtual DJ’s action, not your mix. While this is not a feature included by PartyCloud, you can easily record audio using another program.
  • Realtime activity monitoring – this one brings all active DJs and guest users together in a single global window, where you can see what they are listening to and mixing.

To record a mix, you have to login to PartyCloud using your Facebook credentials. The music genres available are mostly electro stuff and this is a pity. Think about the awesomeness that could come up by mixing Slayer with Shakira or Lady Gaga with Cannibal Corpse. Nothing less than awesome, I tell you!

P.S. Since it’s not obvious, let me say it: PartyCloud’s audio quality is AMAZING!