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Google Image Search made easy by Google Image Ripper

By Codrut Nistor

Posted in Online-services

For some people looking to grab some image off the Internet Google Image Search can be quite annoying. Sure one can use some Web images ripper program or service but what about those situations when you only need a few images and you need them fast? Saving an image from Google Image Search may require you to visit the website hosting it and it also requires one extra click...Google Image Ripper Web image search enhanced Google Image Ripper improves Google Image Search... when compared to Google Image Ripper - a free online service that has no affiliation with Google and simply offers a better interface to host the results provided by Google Image Search. It has less options but it's surely easier to use - at least at first sight. Image size is only relative you can't specify an accurate size but it has an option to hide broken images and it also allows you to switch on and off Safe Mode as needed.

Google Image Ripper also features a Gallery View that is supposed to make things easier but also seems a bit buggy (it doesn't adjust the canvas size to image size properly especially for small images) - or maybe just lacking the options it should for now. The save confirmation dialog should also be disabled or at least an option should allow its removal as needed.

Google Image Ripper is far from being perfect but its approach is right so with a bit of more work this could become a great service. Until then I can label it with "worth checking out but not essential". That's all folks! ;)