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Block Time-Wasting & Adult Websites Without Software

By Codrut Nistor

Posted in Online-services, Windows-vista, Windows-xp

Does your kid spend too much time on a certain website like Facebook? Have you discovered porn sites in the history of your browser after your kid has been on the computer? Nowadays the users of the internet vary from kids teenagers to adults. You can't ask your kid to stop using internet but you can control what they can see on the internet.

In a previous article I explained How to Block Inappropriate Videos on YouTube today I'll show you How to Block Time-Wasting and Adult Websites without software. In 4 simple steps you can block as many websites as you desire.

Let's start:

1- Click "Start">Run type the Following path "C:/Windows/System32/drivers/etc/hosts" without quotes open it using notepad (or any other desired editor).

2- Notepad will pop up (If you chose to open the file using notepad) lookup for “ localhost”

3- After “ localhost” type the website that you want to block in the following format “” e.g. I want to block ""

You can add as many websites as you want just make sure that you enter one website per line if you want to unblock specific website just remove it.

4- Save the file

That's all for now ;)

image credit: thinkstockphotos