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Tips for Building a Desktop PC for Students

By Codrut Nistor

Posted in How-to

We know there are many students out there who are just don't have enough computer skills but would like to build their own PC be it for studies or for fun. Today we start a series of articles in which we are going to take a look at every computer component and try to help you make the best decision when you are shopping for new parts. We will take a look at the Operating System hardware products storage memory warranty and so on. Today we'll start with the operating system.

Let's say you want a Windows computer which I also recommend. I am not a big fan of MAC and Linux so Windows is always the first choice for me and as long as Microsoft has 87% of the market share it's the choice of many many other people.

It's not much to talk about here there's only one favourite you can choose from and that is Windows 7. Windows XP got old and there's not support for it anymore - you can't even buy a computer with Windows XP on it anymore . Windows Vista is unstable and was just a transition operating system to Windows 7.

The last version of Microsoft's OS is the best as well so go with Windows 7. We will talk a bit more down the road about the options with a 32-bit and a 64-bit version available but this will depend on the memory you will want. If you want more than 4GB RAM you need to go with the 64-bit version. Otherwise you can chose the 32-bit. Besides this there's not much difference between the two of them.

There are also some applications made for one version not willing to run on the other one but you won't have to think about that now. There are not many of them and you can always find alternatives.