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Change Status when Listening Yahoo! Music in Windows 7

By Codrut Nistor

Posted in How-to, Software, Windows-7

Although Yahoo! Messenger allows users to change their online status according to their moods and current activities in which they are involved the application also automatically updates their online status while they perform some specific actions. An example for this is that whenever users listen to Yahoo! music by default their online status starts displaying the name of the artist and the title of the song. This configuration is the default setting and can be modified to display the rating of the song along with the above information. Settings mentioned above can be selected with the help of radio button that is provided in the interface of the application and as a Yahoo! Messenger user in Windows 7 if you want to do so you can follow the steps given below:

  1. Provide appropriate credentials in the interface of Yahoo! Messenger application to sign in.

  2. Click on Messenger menu and then go to Preferences option.

  3. On the opened box in the left pane click on Yahoo! Music category.

  4. From the right pane under When I am listening to Yahoo! Music change my status to show section click on Artist name – Song title – My song nameradio button to select it.

  5. Click on Ok button when you're done with the configuration.