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Coloring For Children With Kidopo

By Codrut Nistor

Posted in Online-services

A few hours ago I was talking to a friend of mine and she suddenly said she has to go away because her kid got onto her head... literally. Obviously the child needed to go out play whatever... he had to do something different than watching his mommy use the computer so that's where I got the idea to find another resource for kids. Since last time we talked about educational games for kids today we'll just give them some creative fun...

... and I think Kidopo can get this job done pretty well. How? Really simple - by allowing kids to choose one of the existing templates and coloring them! The spray paint effect works well and it's surely better than using solids as it happens with other similar sites. For example I was able to color some areas despite the fact that my mouse has some accuracy issues these days and I noticed that Kidopo was pretty forgiving. Nice!

More than the above there's an interesting collection of printables as well as a lot of Flash games that should keep your children busy for a few years at least... These being said I'll leave you take your kids and guide them right to Kidopo. Do this and you'll thank me later... or sue me and since I don't want that to happen I close this article with a warning: be careful this website can get quite addictive! ;)